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Construction loans are perfect for you when you’re considering building your own home or wanting to make renovations on your current property. Building or renovating can be an exciting time, although finding a suitable loan and lender to complete your dream might seem like a nightmare.

At ResiCorp Finance we find construction loans to help you create the property of your dreams. Through our lending partners, we are able to source hassle-free and competitive construction loans for you and, you have flexibility with your repayments. This allows for an optimum repayment timeline for your property or, if you wish, direct payments straight away to all the respective building related parties.

When undertaking the pre-approval process, it is important to complete the appropriate paperwork. This helps us make your life that little bit easier.

Often this paperwork includes evidence of:

  • Council approved plans and building specifications
  • Fixed price building contract with a licensed builder (signed and dated)
  • Builder’s risk insurance (or builder’s public liability insurance)
  • Homeowners’ warranty insurance (if applicable).

We will talk with you about the relevant paperwork needed, as each situation is different, e.g., the paperwork you need for a loan to build or renovate a commercial property is different to the paperwork you need for a loan to build or renovate a residential property.

To ensure you have a hassle-free experience, call us and we will sit down with you to work out your most suited construction loan options.

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